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How to Stop Internet Gambling

Block Gambling Sites and Control Compulsive Gambling.

Internet gambling addiction is an epidemic among adults and teens. For some, gambling online leads to family, work and financial problems.

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5 Steps to Stop an Internet Gambling Addiction

  • 1Download the filter NOW for free.
  • 2Click on the program to Install the gambling filter on your computer.
  • 3Follow the on-screen instructions.
  • 4Optenet iconRight click on the Optenet icon and choose "Optenet PC web filter administration". Choose "Web Filter" Tab. Then, choose "configuration". You can choose additional content to block and schedule time limits
  • 5Restart your computer and you are set to surf without access to any gambling related websites.
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Internet gambling is ruining lives. More women gamble. More teens gamble. The Internet provides problem gamblers with privacy and 24/7 access to enter gambling sites. Even children are exposed to gambling online at an early age - making them more likely to develop an addiction later. Poker is the most popular Facebook game! For some, gambling online becomes a compulsive obsession they cannot control.

Internet gambling disrupts your life and those around you. Consider if intervention is needed.

Optenet PC gambling blocker is the perfect first line of defense against compulsive gambling online. Anyone who suspects they or a loved one may have a gambling dependency, will benefit from installing Optenet PC to block gambling sites and manage an online schedule to prevent too much time online.

Important Tip!

For added support in your efforts to quit gambling, problem gamblers should ask a trusted acquaintance to set up the web filter. This will help avoid temptation to remove the filter and add accountability.

  • 1Have your friend install the filter for you.
  • 2He will need to choose a password that you do not know and enter his own email address when prompted during the installation.
  • 3The program can only be changed or removed with a password. Instruct the friend to provide the password only in case of emergency.